Meet Our Board

The Habitat Board of Directors develops long-range plans and implementation strategies, sets goals, allocates resources, and ensures financial solvency – as it works to fulfill Habitat’s vision and mission.


The Board of Directors also establishes policies and priorities to help accomplish objectives. The Board is comprised of more than a dozen volunteers who are members of the Greene County community. It includes individuals employed by local businesses as well as retired community members with a wide variety of experience and expertise.

Under the Board’s direction, there are eight volunteer committees working to meet annual goals. These include raising funds needed to build our homes, constructing our homes, and selecting the families who will purchase our homes. 

Executive Committee


Susan Mason



Jan Broughton


First Prize Badge

Rod Wilson



Charity Hatfield


Bob Glaze.jpg

Bob Glaze

Member At Large

Dr Joan Antone.jpg

Dr. Joan Antone

Freddie Evans

Freddie Evans

Stephanie Giorgis.jpg

Stephanie Giorgis

Board Advisors


Olivet James-Robinson

George Rountree.jpg

George Roundtree

Happy Perkins.jpg

Happy Perkins

Lindsey Cheney.JPG

Lindsey Cheney

Community Liaison

Theresa Kemp.jpg

Theresa Kemp



Ex Officio

Tracnesa Randolph

Tax Consultant/ Partner Family

Russell Wall

Legal Advisor

Board of Directors

Tracnesa Randolph.jpg
Russell Law.png

Rev Joseph Nunnally