What We Do

Our goal at Greene County Habitat is to build/rehab three-four homes each year. Construction costs for each home we build are approximately $105,000. As much as possible, we use volunteers and donated construction materials to build our homes, using contractors to perform work that requires special skills or licenses. 


Greene County Habitat continues to be a tremendous asset in terms of economic development and increased education. We help build a more productive, tax-paying community. For our families, the Habitat experience empowers them and transforms their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations. 

Once a family purchases a Habitat home, they become a Habitat family for life. In order to encourage our Habitat children to receive the best possible education, we install in each home, a computer with graphics-based applications for Pre-K through high school, as appropriate for each family.  We have a well-established mentor program that works with our Habitat children to create individualized education plans, provide laptops for college, and we offer scholarships to all our Habitat children who graduate from high school and go on to attend a higher learning institution.